Actives in your 20's? Yes or No?

What are actives? 

To put simply, they do the heavy lifting in your skincare products. 

Active products are natural ingredients that are scientifically combined to alter the skin at a cellular level. They are formulated to target different skin care concerns through proven lab research.

Why use them? 

Vogue interview with Alicia Barba (dermatologist): 

The signs of sun damage and ageing show up in your 30’s, 40’s & 50’s, but this is actually a reflection of your behaviour in your 20‘s. Alicia explains it as a cumulative effective where “things come back to haunt you”. Simple likes wearing a hat in the sun are useful but the use of actives in your 20’s carry good habits into older years

How to start? 

Feeling the overwhelm of knowing what is actually going to work for your skin? Don't worry, we're here to help!

Firstly, start to take notice of your skin & what your main concerns are?

Second, book in for a skin consultation so a professional can analyse your skin and ensure the products you use aren’t going to cause damage or clash with each other. The layering of products is vital and can often make or break your results

Third, prioritise simplicity. Sometimes just 3 products can work better than 13


Is there an anti-ageing hero I need to know about? 

YES! SPF Always!

By far, the most important step in your skincare routine! This is the best way to protect & prevent against ageing.


Do actives irritate?

No! Not if used correctly

Don’t be scared off by the words “active“ and “changing your skin cells”, this is not a bad thing! Actives target skin cells that drugstore-grade products do not, therefore it is important to phase your actives in to avoid irritation. If you use these products in your 20’s, then your skin already knows how to utilise and react to them in your 30’s, 40’s & beyond, so it’s like a prep. 

 So, look after your skin early so that you can prevent ageing, damage and sun spots rather than treat them! 


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