You'd be mad not to fake tan these days, we all know how much damage sun tanning does to our skin! So if you haven't already switched over to spray tanning you absolutely must! But before you start, here's what you need to know ... 



Prep before you tan :

The prep is really important when it comes to tanning. It's best to shave or wax at least 12 to 24 hours before your tanning appointment. As well as a thorough exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells so your tan looks the best it possibly can and lasts much, much longer. 


What to wear : 

You should try to wear loose dark clothing and open toed shoes to your appointment to avoid marking and rubbing while the tan is developing. Also try to come in fresh faced without makeup or and moisturisers or deodorant that can affect how well the tan absorbs in certain areas. 


After your tan :  

After your tan it's totally normal to look a lot darker than your tan will turn out. This is just the bronzer in the tan solution. Once it's time to wash your tan off give it a thorough rinse with a gentle body wash. After you've washed the tan off you may feel as though the tan hasn't worked. This is because the tan can still take up to 8 hours to fully develop. I assure you you'll wake up looking sun kissed in the morning! 


What day is best to get a tan before an event:

It's best to get you tan a day or two before your event as even though the tan only needs to be left on your skin between 20 min to 2 hours it still takes around 8 or more hours to fully develop.


How to take care of your tan:

For long lasting results you should use only gentle body wash, no exfoliants or aha products. Moisturise daily to keep skin well hydrated and avoid patchiness within the tan.


How long should my tan last:

Your tan will look its best for the first 3 days and then after that it will slowly fade. But they can last up to a week if you look after them well! Best thing about good quality spray tans is that they will fade evenly without obvious patchiness.  


What kind of tan do we use: 

We us Naked Tan! It's one of the best tans on the market! It's Australian made, natural, free from sulphates and parabens and any other harmful chemicals. Giving you a flawless tan every time without any signs of orange undertones, all the tans are green or violet based to give the most natural flawless tan possible!    

Tan choices: 

In salon we have 3 different tans to choose depending how much time you have and how dark you want to go. 

Rapid Tan - this is the fastest tan on the market and my personal favourite! Leave on for as short as 20 min for a natural radiant glow or up to 1 hour for a deep golden tan. Either way it’s the quickest ever professional tan available and will give you a flawless tan in a flash! 

Chocolate (Dark) - this solution is 15% DHA ash based tan and will give a deep chocolate brown colour, up to 5 shades darker than your skin tone. Wash and wear in 2 hours! 

Ultra Dark -  for those wanting an extra dark tan yet not unnatural. This tanning solution contains 16% active & delivers a violet based tan. Achieve a tan up to 6 shades darker! Develops in 2 hours!  


What are you waiting for! Book in and be the best bronzed version of yourself! x 


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