Refillable Packaging

Palettes good for you & the environment

You may have seen brands starting to introduce concepts such as refillable packaging, ethically sourced materials & commitment to local suppliers and areas. 
Eye of Horus has recently launched their Refillable Beauty range that is designed for luxury and longevity. The 16 richly pigmented eyeshadow shades and 8 universally flattering cheek shades offer a customisable experience. So you can refill again and again
The compacts are crafted from Zinc alloy and completely compostable ingredients, not to mention they have the most luxe feel to them. Durable & high quality, these palettes will last a lifetime. Simply just add new inserts when your old ones run out.

Refill, reuse, repeat

Replacing your shades is made simple through the magnet that holds the inserts in until you dislodge them and insert a new one. The 100% recyclable refills give you the opportunity to customise your palette again and again, minimising waste associated with packaging. It allows for you to only have to purchase your favourite shades again and again rather than having to buy an entire palette when your fav shades run out. Eyeshadow refills are only $17 and complexion refills are $27, making it a more economical way to buy palettes. 

It's a win for you, your budget and the planet!


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