NEW!! BIAB Gel nails

Introducing our newest form of nail polish...

Builder in a Bottle/ BIAB

This new development on a Gel polish has been made to help strengthen, nourish and promote growth to even the most brittle and short nails. Lasting up to 4 weeks, BIAB protects and heals the nail. It is stronger than normal shellac, but thinner than acrylic extensions. It is applied directly to the natural nail and acts as a hardener, allowing the nail to grow past its natural breaking point. 
As it is a softer gel, the BIAB is easily soaked off without having to use abrasive drills as needed for acrylics. 
Perfect for those who struggle to grow their nails without snapping, people who chew or bite their nails and someone who just wants a long lasting manicure! 
Available in a range of nude and natural colours with the option of adding a shellac colour or nail art over the top. 
Book in to see what the hype is about for yourself! x


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  • Hi, random question.
    Do you know what colour the nails are in the picture with your advert for the new biab treatment.
    I’m in Ireland and have been trying to find the closest nail colour (I’m a nurse and should t have nails) this looks like it!
    Thanks, kate


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