The battle between lash lifts and lash extensions, which one is best suited to you!

  • Extensions last 3-4 weeks, while a lift can last 6-12 weeks.

  • A lift doesn't use any harmful products, just lifts your own natural lashes and will cause no damage. Where as extensions require using strong glue to attach fake lashes that can cause damage long term.

  • If you're after a more natural yet enhanced appearance then last lifts are the way to go, but if you'd prefer a much fuller and longer and more dramatic look then you should try extensions. 

  • Up keep for extensions are around every 3 weeks, where as last lifts last up to 12 weeks and will just naturally go back to your normal lashes so you can choose whether or not you'd like to leave them as is or get another lift.

  • The process of extensions can take up to 2 hours for the initial treatment and infills around 45min, lash lifts on the other hand is around 45min and no upkeep appoitments.

  • Cost of lash extensions range from $150 - $250 for the initial appointment and then $50 - $150 for infills every 3 weeks. Lash lifts will only cost a fraction of that price ranging from $70 - $110 varying between salons.

  • Aftercare for lash lifts is next to none! After the first 24 hours you can go back to treating them the exact same as you would your natural lashes! Extensions on the other hand need a little more care if you're wanting them to last. This includes avoid wearing mascara, not using certain skincare or eye products that may effect the glue, reframe from touching or rubbing your eye area as well as brushing them through daily to make sure they're sitting correctly.




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