Bloodwood Cabin x BITW


All great things start from a little dream & Bloodwood Cabin is no exception to this.

bloodwood cabin x bitw

Designed & created by The Burnhams, Bloodwood Cabin is situated on Bonne Doone, a certified organic 20,000-acre beef cattle property near Monto. With a focus on soil improvement and earth regeneration, Bonnie Doone follows a holistic approach to agriculture and this is directly translated into the experience that is Bloodwood Cabin. The fully sustainable eco-accommodation offers guests a luxe insight into country living and encourages us to embrace the beauty that is nature and its simplicity. 

bloodwood cabin x beauty in the woods

With such similar visions and morals, Beauty in the Woods and Bloodwood Cabin both aim to highlight the joys of rural living and embrace natural beauty (in all forms). We have recently teamed up with Carly & Ruby to stock some Beauty in the Woods’ products in the cabin for guests to use. I also had the pleasure to interview these incredible women - what inspirations & visionaries they are! 

  1. Who are your main guests?

Our main guests at Bloodwood Cabin are couples who seek a unique off grid experience.  Our guests are often celebrating a birthday, anniversary or baby moon – we’ve had many marriage proposals too!  Most guests just want a break in a natural setting – simple and slow.  They are not afraid of distance and travel from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and of course Rockhampton, Yeppoon and the Central Queensland region.

  1. Who predominately runs the business or is it a team effort?

Managing Bloodwood Cabin is a whole-of-family effort.  We aim to optimise our individual gifts and talents; Carly is the main curator and handles all of the guest communication and design, Ruby is in charge of housekeeping styling and marketing and the rest of family, when home, help with whatever needs doing housekeeping, maintenance etc.  Grant is a pro at changing the composting loo!  Although it’s Carly’s dream – the whole family love it and support it which provides a solid foundation for guests experiences.

  1. Bloodwood Cabin encourages guests to make the most of the limited wifi and no cell reception. Why do you feel it's important to make time to disconnect from technology & wifi occasionally?

We live in a ‘switched on’ world and the daily demands of family and work commitments have increased with the use of technology.  We feel it’s important for our wellbeing to detox from the tech addiction and reconnect with nature.  The natural world really is the best place to find calm and stillness.

bloodwood cabin x beauty in the woods

  1. Why do you love to showcase the bush and rural living in this (beautiful) way?

We love where we live and feel lucky to share it with many visitors and guests.  We are proud of how we steward our land and manager our organic beef property.  I feel it’s important to bridge the gap between our urban friends and the way of country living.  Most of all we encourage everyone to spend time in the natural world to experience the slow pace and restoration it provides.

  1. How did you find & curate all of the gorgeous pieces & products that are used in Bloodwood Cabin?

We love all things handmade, textured and beautiful.  A space should always tell a story and we love finding things that have been steeped in story.  We are inspired by artists and stylists, local and global.  Essentially if it speaks to us and feels complimentary to the raw and natural timbers and landscape we know it belongs.  We love op shop finds, artisan designs and local wares.  We source products from aligned collaborators too – Dharma Door, Carlotta and Gee and BITW.

bloodwood cabin x beauty in the woods

  1. What is involved in running an Airbnb?

Excellent and expedient communication with guests is paramount.  Creative marketing and social media which tells an authentic story is important.  And of course impeccable cleanliness, maintenance and styling of the space.  Basically, if you have a beautiful and unique place and offer polished and authentic service, the experience for the guests just comes naturally.  An eye for detail and a warm and open heart is how we roll.

  1. Do you have any ambitions to open another Airbnb? Or anything exciting coming up for Bloodwood Cabin in the future? 

We have a gorgeous art deco cottage in the heart of Monto which will launch on AirBnB this year along with an Architectural beach house at Agnes Waters.  The dream is to offer guests a Beach to Bush experience and showcase our beautiful region.  Carly always has a new idea bubbling – and some exciting things will be happening at Bonnie Doone in the future too.

  1. Who are 3 guests you would invite to a dinner party dead or alive & why?

Oh I love this question!  Princess Diana to experience her grace and humanitarian spirit.  David Attenborough to understand the changes of our planet more deeply and soak in his wisdom.  And, Vivienne Woods to talk the arts and fashion whilst sharing a drink, a posh cigarette (I don’t smoke but feel like this would be a great time to have one!!) and outlandish conversation!


Bloodwood Cabin is available for booking on Airbnb

More info on Bloodwood Cabin & Bonnie Doone here

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