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We know how overwhelming & daunting skincare can be! With all of the endless different products, 'miracle' treatments, do's & don'ts & 'holy grails' sometimes we can get trapped into a 'more, more, more' mindset. 
That's why we want to simplify it & break down the different products you may or may not have in your skincare routine and how they work to benefit your skin. 

Let's get started! 

First of all, 70-80% of your results are from your homecare!! So no matter how often you’re coming in for facials you will never get the same results if you aren't using good quality skincare daily at home.
There is also a massive difference between using drugstore-grade cosmetics & cosmeceuticals.  Cosmetics, you are paying for a brand/name whereas cosmeceuticals you're paying for research and highly active ingredients. 
FIRST CLEANSE : Double cleansing is essential especially if wearing makeup or working outdoors - we suggest to use an oil cleanser first to remove makeup - it’s the quickest and easiest way to remove all your makeup and is totally safe to use over eyes and lips
SECOND CLEANSE: Depending on your skin type and concerns you will either use a gel/ foaming cleanser or cream cleanser - this cleanse is the one really doing the work after the first cleanser has removed barriers so it can really sink in and work its magic. A gel/foaming cleanser for oilier skins and a cream cleanser for those with dryer skin.
EXFOLIATE: Whether it’s a manual or chemical exfoliation, this is a key part to your glowing skin!! This is the step that allows all our next super active products to soak in and really work their magic. If you’re not using some form of exfoliation on a regular basis chances are you have a massive built up barrier that the rest of your products aren’t going to be able to absorb into. I recommend the Pore refining scrub for those of you who love to have that squeaky clean feeling and the Press & Glow for a more gentle approach to the exfoliating game. But don’t be fooled this simple step will do wonders to the skin - depending on your own skin will depend how regularly you should exfoliate but we usually suggest to aim for around 2-3 x a week. It is also important to not over-exfoliate as this can then have the opposite effects.



MASK: this is a real boost to your skincare!! We suggest trying to incorporate a mask once a week if you can. Depending again on your skin type we suggest our Pink Clay Refining Mask to unclog your pores, help with breakouts and congestion and give you an overall smoother and brighter appearance. But if dryness and dehydration are your main concerns then our Sleep Glycolic mask is the one for you !! Using AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to deeply exfoliate and hydrate. Depending on your skin will determine how long you leave it on and how often you will do it. It is really important to remember to not overdo it with the actives in your skincare as this can really affect the skin barrier and cause more harm than good. So make sure to always start out slow and build your way up and then if your finding it too much don’t be afraid to cut back and just listen to what your skin needs at the time.  



SERUMS: everyone gets a little confused when it comes to the final stages and the layering. In simple; it’s lightest to heaviest, so any water-based serums go first, then eye cream, then facial oils if you have them and moisturiser followed by SPF always last. 



Serums are another key to glowing skin!! Because they have such a small molecular structure they can absorb deeply and quickly into the skin and are jam packed with loads of highly active ingredients. Depending on your skin concerns you can use a number of different serums in conjunction with each other. B5 is an amazing introductory one that pretty much everyone should be using to help deeply hydrate the skin (hyaluronic can hold 1000x’s its weight in water). Vitamin C is amazing for the morning as it will nourish and be your saviour for helping prevent pigmentation. It won’t actually treat pre-existing pigmentation but will help more from occurring and will brighten the overall skin. Vitamin A/Retinol is essential for skin/cell turnover and anti-ageing benefits, regardless of your age or concerns, this is a great product to incorporate as it will treat ageing, pigmentation, scarring, acne, congestion and more! 



EYE CREAM: Eye creams are great for helping to prolong the signs of ageing. Our eyes are usually the first areas to show signs of ageing so if you’ve started to notice signs or want to prevent them for as long as you can you should definitely start using an eye cream. I love our Illuminating Eye Balm as it gives a subtle tint to help counteract dark circles while actually treating them as well. It will give you an instant awakened appearance! It is important not to use the rest of your finishing creams too close to the eye area as this can cause “over feeding’ of the skin and can cause milia (those small white dots) so its really important to use only products designed for the eye area.




MOISTURISERS: This is what’s going to lock in all those amazing serums we’ve put on and give extra nourishment and hydration while also protecting the skin. Depending on what products you are using underneath, a day moistursier such as Medik8’s C Tetra cream is perfect as it has Vitamin C in it to prevent pigmentation and protect against free radical damage. Whilst a night moisturiser is ideal to use after using Vitamin A at night because it optimises results from these retinols being used underneath. It works as a rest time for your skin to restore, rebalance and counteract damage caused during the day.




SUNSCREEN: This is an absolute must and needs to be worn daily !!! Sun is the number one ageing factor, especially in Queensland. It is so important we use really good quality SPF’s that are 50+ because even if you think you aren’t in the sun much it’s amazing how little exposure it takes to create the long term damage. You also have so much pre sun damage before you even start to see the physical signs of it. Therefore, by the time you start to see it, it is often too late, that’s why SPF everyday is so important from a young age. We have some great options depending if you want sunscreen and moisturiser in one; the “Ultimate Defence’ is perfect for you. But our best seller is our Mesoestetics Melan 130 tinted sunscreen. The tint colour corrects to pretty much all skin tones and is equivalent to a 130SPF overseas and is literally the highest protection you can purchase. 


So that in a nutshell is the suggested skincare routine! Obviously you can take out of there bits and pieces but it all depends on your own individual skin and the results you’re after. And don’t forget, in salon treatments are obviously a great boost to the skin and can really benefit how well your skincare is working at home. 


We offer free skin consultations where we analyse your skin and current skincare regime. We then create a personalised treatment plan and suggest products based on your concerns and goals. You can book this online or by calling or messaging us!


We can't wait to see you all GLOWING in no time!



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