Mini brush cleaner

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Cleans and sanitises brushes with hospital-grade disinfectant, which leaves a pleasant aroma of natural violet extract. Removes all bacteria and pigment.


  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Gentle on brush hair
  • Hospital-grade antibacterial, antiseptic disinfectant
  • Pump spray – fine mist
  • Aluminium slimline bottle
  • Plastic cap click lid


  • Soft, floral violet aroma, instead of harsh alcohol smell Violet is a natural anti-bacterial agent
  • Softens natural bristles as it cleanses
  • Cleans and sanitises Removes all bacteria, germs and pigment from brush hair and handles
  • Controlled distribution
  • Durable aluminium packaging, sturdy enough for any makeup kit
  • Prevents any leakages


  • Spray Issada Brush Cleaner on tissue.
  • Wipe brush hair gently back and forth across tissue to remove all dirt, oil and bacteria,  repeating until pigment is no longer visible.
  • Wipe up and down handles to sanitise.

Make Up Secrets

*Never spray directly onto brushes. 

*Issada Brush Cleaner does not replace frequent shampoo and conditioning. It is to be used as an intermediate sanitising solution.