Rejuvenating Eye Masks - 30 pairs
Rejuvenating Eye Masks - 30 pairs
Rejuvenating Eye Masks - 30 pairs

Rejuvenating Eye Masks - 30 pairs

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New Vegan Formula: Discover the power of nature with our enhanced Vegan Formula, featuring a rich blend of flower extracts and potent antioxidants.

Elevate your skincare routine with the new Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks, designed to hydrate, improve elasticity, and boost collagen production. Infused with nourishing coconut oil and its rejuvenating antioxidants, like vitamin E and vitamin A, these masks effectively combat aging, shield against free radicals and sun damage.

Experience the added benefits of peony and lily extracts, ensuring heightened moisture retention and a reduction in fine lines, leaving you with a truly revitalized and radiant appearance.

Feeling tired? Puffy morning eyes? Dark circles? Wrinkles around the eyes? Introducing the Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks, the most luxurious under-eye patches on the market.

Outstanding value for money at $2.00 per mask! Ditch the wasteful individual packaging and make a stand against landfill and ocean rubbish. 100% cruelty-free in recyclable containers of 30 pairs.

Hydrate | Diminish Wrinkles | Brighten & Refresh | Reduce Eye Bags

Our Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks focus on skin hydration, skin elasticity improvement and improved collagen production; use daily for optimum results

**Intended to be used every morning or evening as a regular routine**

Kenzina's gentle formula makes them fine for pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, patch-test first as your skin may become more sensitive during and after pregnancy.

*Packaging consists of 60pcs for 30 days of use.