15 Piece Vegan Luxe Issada Brush Set
15 Piece Vegan Luxe Issada Brush Set

15 Piece Vegan Luxe Issada Brush Set

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Engineered to perfectly blend, hold and apply your favourite mineral makeup. Our Vegan Luxe Professional Brush Set includes a brush for every application and features high-quality synthetic fibres, sleek aluminium ferules and solid matte wooden handles for beautiful results.

Our vegan brushes all have pre-waved synthetic hair which ensures each brush replicates the same professional finish and application that a natural hair bristle will achieve. Each brush will pick up and mimic the perfect amount of product and flawless application of where each brush is tailored for in makeup application. For brushes that last, these are your ideal go-to or a thoughtful gift for a fellow beauty-lover.

Set includes 15 Professional Issada Brushes plus a beautiful lined black cosmetic purse to store and carry your brushes.


To ensure the longevity of your brushes, we would suggest you use our Issada Brush Cleaner to sanitise and clean in-between uses. Pump1-2 sprays onto a tissue and then a wipe over each brush with the cleaner - this will remove excess product and sanitise ready to go for the next makeup.

Brushes can also be shampooed & conditioned. This is particularly important when in use all day by make-up artists but for personal use, it is still important to shampoo and condition your brushes from time to time. Afterwards, lay your brushes flat over the edge of a table/bench so that the brushes dry evenly. Avoid leaving wet with the bristles upwards as water will enter the aluminium ferrule (collar) which could cause bristles to fall out or become damage overtime.